Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Daniel's 5th Month Day

Daniel is already 5 months old. It has all happened so quickly! As I write this he is scooting all over the floor, going from one toy to the next. He LOVES some tummy time, and cannot stand to be on his back for long. He is becoming very interactive and playful with Charlie and our dog, Jackson. He also loves playing in his bouncer. He is a little bit wild when he jumps around but Charles reassured me that he will not hurt himself. He is so smiley and happy! He is both similar and at the same time different from Charlie. It has been so good to see their personalities emerging. Daniel loves getting attention from everyone especially Charlie. He lights up when he hears Charlie's voice. He will even laugh when Charlie laughs. And Daniel's laugh is so sweet, it kind of sounds like he is sucking in. Daniel doesn't have any teeth yet, but I think they are close to coming in (Charlie had 2 teeth on the bottom by now). We have tried some rice cereal several times and Daniel is already pretty good at swallowing food. I have not been as consistant with feeding him as I was with Charlie, mainly because Daniel is usually sleeping at meal times. He still takes 3 or 4 naps; morning, late morning, afternoon, and evening. I try to get both boys down for afternoon naps at the same time so that I can have some time to sleep, check email, budget, or have some time reading my Bible:) Back to Daniel, he loves sucking 2 fingers (middle and ring fingers) on his right hand. His hair is starting to come in a little. He unfortunately had is first ear infection last month. We are praying he doesn't have his mommies ear issues:) At last months check up Daniel was in the 50 th percentile for weight and 95 th percentile for height. He might end up being bigger that Charlie one day. Daniel is currently sleeping in our pack n' play in the guest room. He is too big and rolly for the bassinet and I am not quite ready to put him in the same room as Charlie. He is such a joy and blessing to our whole family. It is funny how I can't remember life before him and can't imagine life without him. We love you Daniel!

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