Friday, October 14, 2011

Life over the past 6 months

I cannot believe it has been almost 6 months since my last post. So much has happened in our lives and I have wanted to document it all, but have felt completely overwhelmed at the undertaking. Now it is irritating me enough to make me post something, it might be more photos and videos than words:) here we go. Our family increased yet again, thanks to the Lord on May 17th 2011. Daniel McKain Scarborough was born into our family and has brought us so much joy (I will hopefully write a separate post about Daniel's birth story.) He has been a fairly "easy" baby, realizing that the term is very subjective. He has been a great sleeper and a happy kid. His big brother Charlie was a little weary of him at first but now he is in love with him. Charlie loves introducing others to his "baby broder, Danel". Which consequently is now his nickname (no, i did not forget the i). He kisses him about 40 times a day and has recently liked playing games with him like the "rollie pollie" game where they play on the bed together and roll around. Charlie can now entertain Daniel and comfort him, for a minute or so at least:)
Our last date night with 1 child, we went to Bonefish with a giftcard;)

Still swinging in the park days before Daniel arrived

Charlie accompanied me to many OB visits, don't worry he didn't participate:)

The morning of our induction, 6am

Our new family!

One of Charlie's big brother presents

Sweet kisses!

And a sweet little face!

life keeps going after baby Daniel arrives: the grass still needs cutting!
someone still has to drive the tractor!
and horses at uncle Otis' are still a bit frightening:)
Charles and I turned 28!

We visited the YMCA pool often
Charlie potty trained himself at 23 months!
He moved into a big boy bed shortly after
more kisses!
4th of July at Nana and Grandpa's house
Grandpa and Grandma GiGi came down for the 4th, she pasted almost 2 weeks later so these are treasured memories!
Scarborough beach trip: Watercolor Beach, FL
Daniel's Baptism
McKain beach trip: Beaufort, SC

Charlie turned 2! Thomas the train birthday party with Nana, Grandpa, Andrew, & Dana
And Daniel is now 5 months old! How does time fly????


  1. Love the pictures! Dying laughing at Charles buried in the sand. Oh, and Charlie mowing the grass it what *really* looks like the emperor's new clothes...and the fact that you put a picture of poo on your blog. :) Love you, friend.

  2. love love love all these pics...and your sweet family:)

  3. whew! you guys have been busy! thanks for catching us all up. miss you guys. i have your sleep sacks in the car for next time i see you:)