Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New blogger on the block

My husband and I set out to create a website to keep friends and family updated on our lives since we will be adding to our numbers by one very soon (maybe even today;). And lo and behold we discovered the world of blogging. After visiting numerous blogs, I think I finally have in mind what is involved in being a "blogger". At first I thought it was a new indie way of expressing oneself in a creative way, and sense I am not as creative as a lot of bloggers I have seen, this slightly discouraged me from starting a blog. But I think blogging can be a great hobby that I don't have to be perfect at (since I usually am perfect in every other since;-). I like the blog world, with all the talented women that have so many great ideas, recipes, and tips for Christian living. But I must be careful not to get "sucked in" to the internet in one other way...I mean I have TV, email, Facebook, and now blogs to get caught up in, and by the time I realize I have been absent from society by being on my computer, and hour or 2 has gone by, easily (I guess as soon as Charlie is born I really will not have near as much time to waste as I do currently, waiting for him). But, it is my hope that this shares with you some of the valuable lessons we as a family are learning in life as we follow Christ as well a some of our greatest family moments as we go from two little birds to three.

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  1. Welcome to the blog world! :o) Looking forward to hanging out tomorrow, one way or another!