Thursday, August 27, 2009

In the Hospital....

This is Charles.

The alarm clock went off at 400Am, though that was 5 minutes after I hear, "you're awake!" So 355AM we rose from the bed and got ready for the big day. Rikki aparently had contractions all night and Charlie kicked just enough to prevent any sleep.
After the car was packed, we arrived at MCG at a touch before 5AM. We got settled in and the induction was started. The contractions became intense and intense fast; they were every 45 seconds for a while after 3 or so hours of pitocin. The anesthesia crew came in and an epidural made everyone more comfortable. Now we are trying to take a nap, but this chair I am in makes me feel like I am having labor pains, so I do not think that sleeping is going to happen. Well our families are speeding down I20 and will be here before we know it. Continue to pray for us. We'll keep you posted.

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  1. Yeah Charles...I am so happy for you and Ricki. I will continue to pray for a healthy baby and mother. Please keep us posted! Lane