Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring Happenings

This post is a tad bit late, considering all of the "happenings" are things I failed to post in the last 2 months of Charlie's life. And considering it is now MAY and I have an 8 MONTH OLD! He seemed to blossom with activity these last 2 weeks or so just as our Azalea blossoms began to wilt;) It actually seem like it all happened in one day.

Charlie has 3 new teeth! (2 upper and a 3rd tooth on the bottom...kinda funny lookin')

He began to crawl!

He can pull up on just about any furniture, which is scary!

And he started cruising from toys to furniture like a champ! (and climbing)

He is growing so fast but still loves to snuggle!

Charles just finished with his last vacation month of his intern year:( We have 2 months left until Charles becomes a second year! I can't believe we've almost made it. This year has definitely had it's struggles but I think it has become the new "normal". I am so thankful that we have had Charlie this year, in many ways having him in our family has made our marriage stronger, though we have to work harder for things that were once a little easier. The Lord has been so gracious to us in helping us remain patient with one another with less sleep than we were used to. It has been so great to walk through this time with so much community support. I would have gone crazy this year without our Bible studies and other mom's to help me feel like I am not insane:) Thanks so much to all of you!


  1. such a cutie pie! i'm thankful for you encouraging to walk through this difficult year with others...excited about 5/23:)

  2. Me too! Did you read the info on infant baptism yet? the red book was wonderful! lets hang out again soon...

  3. Hey! I stumbled on your blog from Courtney Walton's... How have you guys been?! I love seeing pics of the ADORABLE little Charlie too! ;-) Hope all is well!