Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Trip to Jackson

Our trip to Jackson Hole, WY was fabulous! We had a wonderful time skiing, eating, and spending quality time with family. Jackson Hole was beautiful! Charlie did very well traveling out west. This picture was taken at around 5:45 AM, our bright eyed boy was ready for the da' plane:) He was so cute all day, even with a layover in Salt Lake City.

Our room!!!

Charlie in his new snow bunting outfit, Charles kept referring to him as the Inuit Indian.

Our first day on the slopes! No falls, but it wasn't always pretty (at least for me).

Cross country skiing was one of my favorite parts of the trip. It was great exercise and very comical. At one point my crash caused Charles, Mary and Michael to fall as well. We were all laughing in the snow, especially me due to the crazy position I was in. We also saw 2 moose from a distance. And Charlie napped the whole 3 hrs were were gone, which was nice for our great babysitters (thanks RaRa and aunt Judy).

The whole gang at Aunt Biba's and Uncle Johnny's

Our family on the slopes...and no, Charlie did not ski even though Charles wanted to take him.

Our precious little man!

Great food! This is seared tuna Chuck cooked perfectly for us.

Gettin' hot in the hot tub

Yes, this is us in the snow in our swimsuits making snow angels!

Playing in the snow after sleding.

Downtown Jackson, on our way to go shopping.

While shopping Charlie met Sasquatch:)

The fam.
We were leaving for the airport while the rest of the family hit the slopes. We couldn't have asked for a better vacation (well, maybe more sleep). Thanks to all that made this trip so amazing!

Our last view of Jackson....BEAUTIFUL!


  1. What fun!! I love Charlie's little snow outfit!

  2. What an amazing trip!! I'm so glad you blogged these pictures. :) Glad you guys had a wonderful time.