Wednesday, January 27, 2010

5th Month Day

5 months!
I have been seeing other mommies post about their children's month I think I will follow suit. I am a procrastinator so this post is a bit late...January 27th was the start of little man's 5th month of life. My my how time has flown by! It seems that Charlie has really started to notice the world around him. He is constantly looking all around trying to see what objects he can grab and put in this mouth. He has developed an interest in the remote for the TV, my cell phone, my glass of water, and any form of paper. I believe this might be the beginning of new phase in Charlie's life where he will soon hear the word "no" more and more frequently. I don't think hubs and I have been manipulated too much yet...but it is coming, I can feel it:) when can a baby learn what the word "no" means?
Among other more positive developments, little man is playing well independently in his exerciser. He loves turning around and standing up in it. He can grasp the objects well and I think it is helping him strengthen his trunk muscles. Because he is already learning to sit up. But we have to be careful where we sit him because he usually falls over and last night he hit is head on the floor kinda hard...oops!
The little one is still not rolling over which is becoming more of a frustration of mine more than a developmental worry for Dr dad. I have struggled with trying to get Charlie to sleep since he was born. I plague myself with questions like...should i put him to sleep awake or asleep?, on his back or on this tummy?, how long do i let him cry?, is he sleeping enough?, etc. So I am ready for him to be able to decide one thing...if he wants to sleep on his stomach or his back:) In the meantime, I am putting him on his stomach and i really think it is helping strengthen his little back and arm muscles.
Little man is now an experienced veggie eater. He has tried green beans, carrots, peas, squash, and sweet potatoes. I cannot tell if he likes any of them because he makes a terrible face when he eats the first bite but then he just keeps eating:) We are going to stick with veggies a little longer and then try some fruits. If he has a sweet tooth like his mommy he is not going to like the veggies after he tries the fruits.
I had mentioned in my last post that our tough guy had gotten his 1st 2 teeth in, well I finally got some pics of them. here they are!

These pictures were all taken the day Charlie had a fever and this nasty rash! Dr. dad took this picture and sent it to our pediatrician for a consult:)...moments later we learned that it was just a viral rash, nothing to be alarmed about. Thank goodness for technology!


  1. ::sigh:: i feel your pain on the sleep issue. Ike loves to be on his stomach but I'm haunted by the "back to sleep" slogan that runs through my head and that I have personally told many parents when I worked in a ped. office! But he will not sleep on his back, he just kicks and swats at the air, and then b/gs to cry... He will sleep in his chair though?... I like the teeth pics! very cute :)

  2. Rikki, He is so adorable! He looks just like Charles! I miss that age so much, but it get better and better every month and it is just amazing to see what they learn. Thanks for sharing! I hope to introduce Charlie to Ford one day soon!